Capitalism or Capital Punishment…

Black Friday

With Christmas just around the corner and government encouraging consumers to ‘save our economy’ by maxing out low-interest credit cards; there should be no doubt in our minds why people have been going crazy for sales that are ‘to-die-for.’ WHAT THE HECK! Maybe all that Darwinian theory was right after all. Even elephants are more careful during a stampede. Although my misanthropist tendencies begin to surface when I read stories such as these; I know deep in my heart that those people responsible for such heinous neglect are burdened with their own guilt.

But it still boggles my mind that people don’t see the spiritual implications of a story like this. Blaming no one, we can easily reduce this to an issue of consumerism, but that’s much too simplistic. What entices people to line up in front of a Wal-mart and at the second the door is opened, to trample to death a fellow human being. Is it evil? Madness? Neglect? Obsession? And how come no-one is held accountable? Are there too many people to blame? Will this unlikely victim be treated as collateral damage? What about children? How do they process this? Are their toys so important that lives become expendable? It’s ironic though that the poor man who was trampled in this story is not the only casualty effected by the consumerism of the western world. And it is not at all necessary that I remind us of the hundreds of thousands of lives exploited, the human cost of modern industrialism.

Unfortunately this story will be brushed aside. And although my society tells me that I should be ashamed of myself for my naivety, I choose to stand firm in this belief that we are all essentially good. That there is a plan. That with hard work and a vision of hope before us, we will look back one day, maybe with guilt, but not regret.

My thoughts and prayers go out to all those in the world effected by our (the wests) burdening lifestyles.


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