Mac vs. PC: The Final Verdict.

Ladies and Gentlemen: welcome to the great battle of our time. In the left corner, wearing liberal red, listening to indie rock in a downtown condo, and planting a tree: Mac! In the right corner, sporting a conservative blue, blaring 80s rock in his parent’s basement, and eating a Twinkie: PC!

Does anyone else find this conflict tiresome?

Before you place me into a demographic let me tell you a bit about myself: I am typing this entry on a Mac using Microsoft Word, listening to Desert Rose, wearing blue jeans and a t-shirt, and studying to be a school psychologist. I recycle, compost, pray to God, and actively pursue a life of service as a member of the Bahá’í Faith. I like my environment to be orderly and clean; I prefer healthy food, particularly sushi. I have a wife and daughter, and strongly support the traditional definition of family; that means mother, father and children formally brought together through a religious vow. I’d like to have a hybrid car, firmly believe in progress, and the potential for science to move civilization forward within an ethical framework. I believe in evolution and that we should love every living being as God’s creation. I don’t know what demographic I fall into, but do with me as you please.

The Mac vs. PC debate basically boils down to an active, evolving, material predestination.

Relax. Let me explain.

I will use the martial arts for my analogy since this is what I know best. In my short time of experience in the martial arts world I have come to a single, what I believe to be, important conclusion. The truth in combat is one. All martial artists are engaged in the same process: developing the perfect technique. The requirements of this technique are simple:

1.    It must inflict the most damage in the least amount of time.
2.    It must use the least amount of energy
3.    It must be simple to learn and simple to teach.
4.    It should be universally effective; meaning, anyone should be able to deliver this technique and achieve the same result.

Now, I’m sure that many martial arts enthusiasts would take issue with the simplicity of my list, but I doubt other lists would look much different. The old aged masters all look the same; their techniques look very similar even though they’ve been studying different styles.

For me, the Mac vs. PC argument is the same as in any bi-partisan, political, disunified field. Ultimately there is only one truth. I don’t care if you’re Mac, Dell, HP, Alienware or Sony. I want a long lasting battery, super-fast processor, lot’s of memory, excellent graphics, user friendly interface, smart mouse pad, useful and simple to use software, no loading time, slick design, and all of this for as little cost as possible. Now, I don’t care if one of you does it, or if you all get together and make that ultimate machine; what I care about is that it’s available soon and I can move on with my life. The same goes for my health: I don’t care if you’re a naturopath, osteopath, homeopath, psychopath, or MD, I just want my lungs fixed and to be relieved of my acid reflux. How about liberal, conservative, green, democratic, republican, and NDP? Or how about Buddhism, Islam, Christianity, Zoroastrianism, Judaism, Hinduism, Sikhism, or Bahá’í?

Do you see where I’m going with this? This conflict-based ideology has to come to an end. To move forward we have to set our sights on truth. Let’s give capitalism a new direction: the pursuit of excellence.

…Mac’s are superior though.


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