5 Baha’is Freed!

This is fantastic news. We may wonder, however, what the fate of the remaining prisoners will be? What spurred this act of good will? As many of you already know, this past week the imprisoned “Yaran” had relinquished their roles as liaisons for the Iranian Baha’i community. This decision, made for the sake of unity and obedience to the will of the government, was approved by the Universal House of Justice. Such a remarkable action taken by the “leadership” of the Iranian Baha’i community is a testament to the selfless-detachment of these heroic souls, and reinforces the integrity and power of this Great Revelation. Also, the National Baha’i Youth Committee of Iran shut-down their administration in light of the decision of the “Yaran.” Still, I worry. As greatful as I am that our friends have been released from their horrible confinement, I can’t help but wonder if this was intended. The governments attempts to disorganize and isolate the believers is quickly gaining in pace. I pray that the government of Iran heeds the international outcry–Amnesty, India, Comedians, Academics, the Prominent, Jewish Community, Canada, Writers, European Union–and takes this opportunity to bring about profound change in their nations direction.


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