I want a Robot friend.

So here’s what I’m waiting for: a Tricorder, a hoverboard, a flying car (a Delorian would be nice), a humanoid robot, and a holodeck. Exciting thing is all of these sci-fi items are slowly making their way into reality, even the Holodeck. Now, if your not a fan of Star Trek then you probably have no idea what a Holodeck is. Well, basically it could potentially put tourism and gaming out of business. You can learn more about it from the link above. Of course, we’re not there yet, but we’re getting close. I couldn’t believe what Microsoft recently unveiled at the E3 expo in LA. Simply put it’s the new control system for their video game console, the XBox. But it’s actually the greatest leap in computer/human interface since the PC. Way to raise the standard Microsoft.

Unfortunately, it’s going to be even harder to tare kids away from their television sets. Maybe they should set a 40 minute timer on all gaming consoles, which would deactivate the machine for 6 hours. In anycase, it’s still a cool piece of technology.

Project Natal


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