Global Day of Solidarity – Promote human rights in Iran!!

Well friends, it has finally come. A non-partisan, global stance against human rights abuses for all Iranians. United4Iran is the name of the campaign composed of various individuals and human rights groups. I’ve taken a few items from the website for your information below. Please visit the link at the bottom to learn more:


United4Iran is a non-partisan collaborative of individuals and human rights organizations. United4Iran does not promote any political agenda. Our only aim is to condemn the widespread and systematic violations of the Iranian people’s human rights and to call for full restoration of their human and civil rights.

We came together to organize a Global Day of Action on July 25th so the citizens of the world can stand together for:

1) Civil and human rights for the people of Iran
2) Stopping the abuse of power—the imprisonment, torture and killing
3) Solidarity with the Iranian people. To our Iranian brothers and sisters: We have heard your voices, and you are not alone.


Halifax schedule

Event time: 5:00 PM – July 25th
Event location: Meet at main entrance to public gardens
More information: Contact



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