Junior Youth Programs – life changing activities!

One of the activities that the Baha’is offer to their respective neighbourhoods and communities are Junior Youth Empowerment programs. Of course, since this is a grass roots project that every Baha’i community is charged with developing at it’s own pace, its level of effectiveness and functioning is dependent on the collective experience and willingness of the people in the field. The following is an example of what a Junior Youth empowerment program has the potential to be. Notice the creativity, sense of collective action, commitment, and willingness to embrace an attitude of learning.


One thought on “Junior Youth Programs – life changing activities!

  1. In today�s society we need to put the most focus on the development and empowerment of our youth. Considering the fact that they are our future leaders, politicians and teachers it is important they are given the skills necessary for them to live a fulfilled life.

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