Eavesdrop of the day…

I was trying to mind my own business in the school library today, but I just happened to pick up on a conversation taking place between two students.

A girl walks in and finds her friend studying at a table. She says, “I’m just not motivated to go to sociology anymore.”

To which her friend responds, “Why?”

And her response, practically verbatim: “Well, the professor is trying to educate us about stuff that’s happening in the world, like sweatshops, civil wars, child-soldiers and all that crap, and, like, I’ve already had my moment of HOLY SHIT I CAN’T BELIEVE THESE THINGS ARE HAPPENING IN THE WORLD, when i was, like, 12. I’m totally not motivated to sit through that crap anymore.”



3 thoughts on “Eavesdrop of the day…

  1. Well! That’s Canada for you I suppose!
    I just want to send everyone into the situations they’re not “motivated” to care about any longer…betcha’ they’d find some “motivation” pretty quickly!

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