Issues with Arnica

My sister is using Arnica as therapy after having her wisdom teeth removed. Of course, my voice is often silenced in this family by the oppressive placebo-loving forces working against me 😉 In response, I’ll cite a study that is pretty convincing, but will probably do little good in persuading these folks to consider my opinion. Alas, I shall make futile attempts. Here are some studies for your perusal:

The Efficacy of Homeopathic Arnica – A study published by the Archives of Surgery in 1998.

KOTLUS BS, HERINGER DM, & DRYDEN RM. (2010). Evaluation of homeopathic Arnica montana for ecchymosis after upper blepharoplasty: a placebo-controlled, randomized, double-blind study. Ophthalmic Plastic And Reconstructive Surgery. 26, 395-7.

ADKISON JD, BAUER DW, & CHANG T. (2010). The effect of topical arnica on muscle pain. The Annals Of Pharmacotherapy. 44, 1579-84.

LEU S, HAVEY J, WHITE LE, MARTIN N, YOO SS, RADEMAKER AW, & ALAM M. (2010). Accelerated resolution of laser-induced bruising with topical 20% arnica: a rater-blinded randomized controlled trial. The British Journal Of Dermatology. 163, 557-63.

CORNU C, JOSEPH P, GAILLARD S, BAUER C, VEDRINNE C, BISSERY A, MELOT G, BOSSARD N, BELON P, & LEHOT JJ. (2010). No effect of a homoeopathic combination of Arnica montana and Bryonia alba on bleeding, inflammation, and ischaemia after aortic valve surgery. British Journal Of Clinical Pharmacology. 69, 136-42.

CORAZZA M, BORGHI A, LAURIOLA MM, & VIRGILI A. (2009). Use of topical herbal remedies and cosmetics: a questionnaire-based investigation in dermatology out-patients. Journal Of The European Academy Of Dermatology And Venereology: JEADV.23, 1298-303.




One thought on “Issues with Arnica

  1. I love placebo- effects, I understand what it is and why I believe that I feel better after using it. Of course it does not work physically, and our family knows that. Mr. E is correct… for once.

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