Pawła Kuczyński

I’m usually frustrated by forwards, especially when they come from people who make a career out of BCCing their entire contact list. But today I received a forward from my mother that was quite good: the art of Pawła Kuczyński. I had a hard time finding any info on this artist, but I know that he’s Polish, was born in 1976 in Szczecin, and graduated the Fine Arts Academy in Poznan with a specialization in graphics. Below are a few examples of his art, and you can find a huge collection here.

It’s interesting that just yesterday I was having this conversation with my brother about my personal criteria for what makes good art. I’m not a huge believer in art as purely a medium of self-expression or expressive therapy removed from our social reality. Art is also an opportunity to contribute to society and civilization through creativity and imagination. I’m glad that there are still artists like Pawła Kuczyński who have a sense of purpose, and feel moved to contribute to society through their craft.

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3 thoughts on “Pawła Kuczyński

  1. This is really good stuff. Thanks for sharing.

    I’m not sure I agree with you that art has only a singular purpose. It absolutely should help us engage in our social reality (that is purpose #1), but art that is “purely a medium of self-expression or expressive therapy” (purpose #2) has its place as well; it’s just that I’m not sure that place is the public sphere.

    So much research shows that people who are suffering severely from traumas of various kinds (and of various intensities) are much uplifted by creating their own art. Theatre workshops, writing workshops, painting classes—these are brought to hospitals, prisons, etc. for precisely that purpose: to be therapeutic. At the level of the individual, the same thing is true; I myself write a lot of poetry, particularly when I am working through a personal test. Yet I don’t publicize this (or publish it).

    Perhaps what you are against, really, is the notion that art should serve the ego. I am very much with you on that. But I do think both the purposes you mentioned are valid.

  2. These are powerful pictures. I lol at the politician’s speech draining away. The boy with his head screwed into the books spoke volumes to me about what I call the Academic Panic I see amongst many of my contemporaries.

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