The Jane Austen Series

The past month was horrid. Not only did I have to read Sense and Sensibility and Emma, but I also had to watch 6 film adaptations!!! All for a measly half-unit credit towards my English minor. Yuck! I hope this excuses me for my relative silence over the past month. Good news is that I do have something to show for it. For all you Austen fans out there, I’ve written four 500-word essays about the aforementioned books and film adaptations. I’ve provided them here for your enjoyment, but I recommend that you take the time and do something more enjoyable. Freakin’ Regency-period novels, I’m never doing that again…

1)   The Primacy of the Sense Versus Sensibility Dichotomy Over Gender

2)  The Darker Side of Austen: Adapting Sense and Sensibility for the Modern Audience

3)  Austen’s Mastery of Awkwardness at Box Hill in Emma

4)  Emma the Effervescent?


3 thoughts on “The Jane Austen Series

  1. Hey Emad,

    I’m neither a fan nor hater of Austen, but would love to do a minor in literature when I return to school. Anyway, I came across this (somewhat too long) article discussing the humanistic outlook she held.

    I am liking your blog 🙂 Take care.


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