Unofficial Study Guide for the December 28th Message!

Well, after a few days of hard work and a deadly flu virus I’ve managed to finish a paragraph-by-paragraph study guide to the House of Justice’s 28th December message.

Few words of caution…

Firstly, before using the study guide, remember paragraph 37:

It is heartening to note that the friends are approaching the study of the messages of the Universal House of Justice related to the Plan with such diligence. The level of discussion generated as they strive to put into practice the guidance received, and to learn from experience, is impressive. We cannot help noticing, however, that achievements tend to be more enduring in those regions where the friends strive to understand the totality of the vision conveyed in the messages, while difficulties often arise when phrases and sentences are taken out of context and viewed as isolated fragments. The institutions and agencies of the Faith should help the believers to analyse but not reduce, to ponder meaning but not dwell on words, to identify distinct areas of action but not compartmentalize. We realize that this is no small task. Society speaks more and more in slogans. We hope that the habits the friends are forming in study circles to work with full and complex thoughts and to achieve understanding will be extended to various spheres of activity.

Secondly, this guide is UNOFFICIAL. You are free to use it, change it, spread it around, whatever. As long as it encourages folks to study this most important letter, than I’m happy. But please, don’t quote the study guide!!!

And without further delay….

Study Guide – Dec 28th Message


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