Hey repressive governments!!

Hey, repressive governments! I have an idea. Next time your citizens protest consider it an act of desperation. Your citizens are as neglected children trying their best to draw the attention of their parents. Sometimes, when the parent is neglectful, the child must resort to desperate measures.

Currently, your approach to dealing with your beloved dependents has been as follows:





Of course, these are only small fraction of the many examples worldwide of how oppressive governments respond to a frustrated populace. However, history has demonstrated that there is only one outcome to this type of response: bloody, violent, chaotic, but inevitable change. Eventually, you will lose. So instead of going down like arsholes, why don’t you do it with some grace and dignity. Your child is slicing her wrists trying to draw your attention, don’t do this:


It doesn’t work. (see here)

Instead, fill your hearts with compassion and understanding. Surprise your constituents with behaviour that is radically different than what they would normally expect from you. Emerge from your palaces with your bureaucratic entourage holding chairs in your hands, walk to the city square, place the chairs in a massive circle, sit down, and beckon your constituents to consult. Answer their questions and console their agony. Refuse to leave until unity has been achieved.

Unfortunately (for you), the parent analogy stops here because you may be required to step down. But hey, consider the other option…



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