Education Under Fire

What do I have in common with producer David Hoffman, director Jeff Kaufman, composer KC Porter, graphic animator Patrick Connelly, actor Rainn Wilson, East Timor President and Nobel Peace prize Laureate Jose Ramos-Horta, and Archbishop Desmond Tutu?

I am terribly concerned about the welfare of Baha’i students and faculty in Iran.

The aforementioned individuals are all participants in an awareness campaign called: “Education Under Fire.”

Here is Rainn Wilson:

Here is Jose Ramos-Horta:

President Jose Ramos-Horta’s words actually brought me to tears. On a more comical note, it did sound like he said the Baha’is should be free to have a “Warship” in Iran. To use as a University of course 😉

A documentary film called “Education Under Fire,” produced by Single Arrow Productions and co-sponsored by Amnesty International, will profile the development and persecution of the Baha´i Institute for Higher Education – an organization committed to educating the Baha’is of Iran who have been denied access to higher education. Find more information about the film here. I’ve posted the trailer below:

The campaign also includes a an open letter from two Nobel Peace Prize Laureates. I’ve posted them for you to read, but please visit the site so that you can endorse the letters with your signature. The website also provides individuals with the opportunity to be involved with the campaign, so make sure to check it out!!


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