“First World” War From A Rocking Chair

I’ve been a very bad blogger. No posts since February!! Shame on me. I wouldn’t be surprised if you’ve given up on me altogether. Well, before I really get back into it, I thought I’d prime my recommencement with a little poem. To write this poem I had challenged myself to capture the sounds that I experienced while sitting on my condo patio in a form that would also convey a deeper story. Let me know what you think! 

First World War From A Rocking Chair

A soldier crouches in the bush, hidden by
Geraniums, Snapdragons, and Snowflakes—
the perfect vantage point.
Civilians flee ground zero, humming motors
merge into one monotonous raspy drone.
A muffler rattles like automatic rifle rounds, clonk clank
against the stone.
Two crows dancing, looping, Snowbirds at an airshow their
wings whipping the wind fast, and silent—
almost missed it.
A Dodge Charger grumbles into napping crosshairs
Stops. Then shots fired
P-Tock!  P-Tock!
The Suzuki gazzzaaaaarrrss past—
engine knocking.
Casualties of war, the Chickadee and Cardinal, chant
here, forget me not; here, forget me not!
The rustling Euonymus Alatus whispers –
Thou shalt not suffer.


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