My First Prose Poem and Anaphora:

Two more submission from my creative writing class that I decided to post to my blog. Enjoy (or don’t)!

Ode to Long Drive Through Saskatchewan

Welcome to Saskatchewan. The words lingered in my mind like the newspaper date in a time-travel movie. Did I sleep through Manitoba? The 8 AM August sun mopped up the remaining haze that had settled over the golden hoards of ripened grain. No trees, just fields and fair blue sky layered atop one another like the Ukrainian flags flying over prairie beef. The cars’ cooling fan grumbled and sighed, as its steel frame was forced deeper into the fiery forge. Dad kept telling me to look at “this” and “that,” but I was too busy calculating the closeness of objects in my side mirror. The road ahead rippled like liquid tar, oily gloss smudging the horizon like those landscape paintings in our living room. The Trans Canada highway parts the yellow grasses and every so often a barn house—with a patch of trees—and a circus of cows—Dad, are we there yet?

Ode to My Parents

When clerics prey on sleeping infants, and comrades vanish by night.
When their unborn bastard awaits the gallows, soundly asleep in his cell.
When they flee their arid past for fertile futures, tumbling heart-first into unknown fields.
When by my cries they suffer sleepless nights and wake to cold-blooded chimes.
When prayers rain down on rancid seeds, and dry cows are traded in for magic beans.
When plentiful harvests feed my madcap dreams and
When asked how the thirst of my inspiration is quenched—
when I drink from the sacrifice that drips from their brows.


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