Day 2 of #7Bahais7Years Campaign: Fariba Kamalabadi

Baha'i Leaders - Fariba Kamalabadi

Today we honour a mother, a scholar, a dedicated community volunteer, and a heroine: Fariba Kamalabadi. Wrongfully imprisoned with six other Baha’i leaders in Iran’s notorious Evin Prison.

In her book, “Between Two Worlds,” [Roxana] Saberi tells of meeting Ms. Kamalabadi and her prison companion, Mahvash Sabet, and being impressed by their spiritual strength.

Ms. Saberi asked whether Ms. Kamalabadi hated her captors after learning that her father had been tortured in prison years earlier and had died shortly after his release.

“We forgive them,” said Ms. Kamalabadi. “We don’t want to become like them. We hope God will show them a better way.”

To learn more about Fariba’s story, click here.


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